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Team Suzuki Press Office – February 23.

Team Suzuki World MX2 enters the 2017 Motocross GP season with a quartet of promising riders and new partners X-Lite, IXS and Sidi in the line-up.

With runner-up honours in the MX2 Motocross World Championship and multiple successes at national and international level, the German Team Suzuki World MX2 begins the upcoming title chase this weekend in Qatar with new partners and two new riders looking for top results in a number of Motocross categories.

"If you look at the development of Jeremy Seewer these past two years, the MX2 title has to be the ultimate goal," explains Team Manager Thomas Hannecke. "We are well positioned, have strong partners and Jeremy is ready to fight for the title!"

New endorsers X-Lite, IXS and Sidi have been added to the existing list of long-term sponsors, rounding-out the portfolio of reliable and valuable team supporters. "Our apparel partners guarantee a consistent and professional appearance as well as the best possible protection for our athletes," says Hannecke.

Leading the line-up is Seewer: "I´m feeling absolutely fine within the team and I‘m confident we´re very well prepared," says the Swiss rider, who will be going after the MX2 title. "We´ve been able to improve some things on our RM-Z250 and we are ready to enter the title fight!" Seewer again stays true to his long-term private helmet supplier Shoei.

The assault on the MX2 campaign is completed by Bas Vaessen and Hunter Lawrence. Vaessen has been a part of the Suzuki family for many years. The Dutch teeanger collected world championship experience this past season, but 2017 marks Vaessen´s first full Grand Prix campaign. "It´s always been my goal to compete in the world championship," he smiles. "I´m extremely happy it´s now happening. It will be a long and hard endeavour, but we are well prepared and looking forward to getting things started."

Lawrence is a newcomer to the team. The young Australian is rounding-out the team´s MX2 effort. Lawrence, who has one year of racing in Europe under his belt, keeps a low profile. "I don´t expect specific results," he says. "I always want to give it my best, collect experience and learn as much as possible. This approach will be rewarded by results."

Zachary Pichon is the youngster in the squad. The son of former World Champ Mickael Pichon is new to the team in 2017 and will compete in the EMX250 class and the ADAC MX Youngster Cup. "I´m very happy to be part of a factory team," Pichon offers. "I feel I´m ready to make this step and moving up to the RM-Z250. I´m very much looking forward to the new season!"

"We´re in a terrific place with our four factory riders," strengthens Team Manager Hannecke. "And of course there are our long-term partners and sponsors as well as our new additions, all of them huge assets. Let´s not forget we benefit from very close ties to Team Suzuki World MXGP. We are jointly based in Lommel and work closely together. Stefan and Harry Everts are very much looking after the team and the training of our riders, who fully-share their wealth of experience.

"We have several irons in the fire, in the MX2 World Championship, the EMX250 series, the ADAC MX Masters and Youngster Cup and we are excited for the new season to begin. We are also supporting Jett Lawrence and Liam Everts, who both represent the next generation of promising talent, so we are looking towards the future full of optimism."

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