Team Suzuki Press Office – May 2.

Linder Volker joined the Suzuki World MXGP team in 2015 and this year is mechanic for MX2 rider Hunter Lawrence. Here, the former motocross rider talks about his involvement with the young Australian rider and the MX2 team.

As a rider, I was often heading to the races on my own. I did have some friends who were helping me out with the bike, though this support was limited to the bigger problems, for example a big engine problem, but most of the work I did myself.

One moment that I remember quite well was when I was riding an 80cc moto TM and suddenly the front brake blocked. It was an old Brembo one and it had four pistons, the disk was floating but the calliper wasn’t. At that moment, I didn’t know what to do, so a friend showed me how to repair and service it and from that moment I knew I wanted to become a mechanic; that’s how I rolled into this profession.

The MXGP world is small and good mechanics are remarkable. In 2015, Jörg Pykha, suspension mechanic at the Suzuki World MXGP team, called me and invited me to an interview. Back then I was working with Henry, my team-mate for several years, who left just before Jörg contacted me. Those circumstances made me feel ready for a new adventure; an adventure full of yellow magic.

This year is the first year I am working with HL96 (Hunter Lawrence). In general, I have good experiences with Aussies, as those guys come from so far that they don’t mess it up. Hunter is really dedicated and easy to work with. He has his goals, he might still get lost sometimes, but the results will come; of that I am sure.

If I have to think about a downside of the job, I first conclude that in general I like everything. Just sometimes things change so quickly. You have the plan in your mind to be ahead of the game, know what you will be doing, and then it changes and you have to take a step back and adapt. But I love my work. I think it has to be a passion to work in the MXGP world. If it wasn’t I would not be able to work here. Another downside, probably the biggest one, is that my family is living in Germany. With our job, we are only able to head home for a few weekends during the season. So yeah that is tough sometimes. But this work is what I want to do and they accept it. I am trying to make up for my absence in other ways.

Most positive characteristic: It takes a very long time to get me mad.
Most negative characteristic: When you eventually get to me, it is not fun!
Favourite meal: I am not so picky on that stuff, I like potato and rot kol - good German food.
Favourite drink: I am fine with water or some apple juice.
Hobbies: I also like to ride a bike, but there is no time for doing that. Also, watching my daughter playing volleyball. But I can say that my job is my hobby.

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