Team Suzuki Press Office – September 16.

Frank Schroyen has been a long-time familiar face within Team Suzuki. Working for more than 20 years and doing different things in the team, has made him a well-known face in the MXGP paddock and with the Suzuki family.

I got to know the team around 1993. I went there after work in the evenings to work on the bikes a little bit. The team was, at that time, based in the old workshop of Sylvain in Balen. My neighbour was Werner De Wit and I was always interested in doing some technical work on the bike, so when he joined the team, I went with him as a mechanic.

I have been a mechanic in the team for a very long time. From the end of ‘99, I started working with Mickael Pichon and with him we achieved some very good results; World Champion in 2001 and 2002. After that I worked with Steve Ramon and we also won a championship title together in 2007. As a mechanic, there is always a lot of distractions. You really have to focus at the races. What I do is always place myself in a bubble and just focus on the bike. Sometimes people start to talk to me and after the short conversation I always start my work on the bike again with the last thing I did. This way I’m always confident in my work and I didn’t forget to tighten a bolt, for example.

After winning the title with Steve I started doing the suspension for the team. It was a new challenge and a creative job. We have worked with the KYB works suspension for as long as I can remember. Setting-up the suspension always takes a lot of time. We need to find a good set-up for each rider. That’s why we do a lot of testing in the Winter period and during the season on many different kinds of tracks.

Every rider has a different style of riding and this means they also want a different set-up suspension-wise. Some riders are very good in explaining in what they feel and they know what they want on a specific kind of track. Jeremy Seewer is like that. He always knows what he wants. For young riders, it’s not always that easy. But over the years we have gathered a lot of experience and we can help them and give them feedback based on what we see when they ride and based on the track.

I have been part of this team for a long time and there has always been a good co-operation with Sylvain Geboers. And now I hope I can do the same with Stefan in the long term. Next year I will go from suspension to be the chief mechanic for the team. I’m again looking forward to this new challenge and chapter and also I’m happy to still have Sylvain there, who I can still learn a lot from.

Words: Yoline Cogghe.
Photos: Ray Archer.

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