Team Suzuki Press Office – May 16.

After being hospitalised after a first-race crash, Suzuki International Europe’s Nina Prinz returned to the saddle of her GSX-R1000 to claim two podium positions at the fifth round of the Qatar International Road Racing series at Losail in Doha at the weekend.

The 30-year-old German was taken to Aspire Sports Academy Hospital after losing the front end as she closed on BMW rider Nasser Al Malki in the opening race, damaging her shoulder in the crash, but returned to the circuit after a brief stay, amazing Doctors who treated her.

Said Prinz: “I was right behind his rear wheel, but I was in a bit too fast, had to brake hard and then I lost the front end. I knew straight away that I’d hurt my shoulder. After the warm-up on Saturday, we decided against racing, but after looking at the championship standings, I wanted to race; I would have never forgiven myself missing one or two points for a better overall result at the end of the season. Today, I wanted to take a chance.”

The double European Champion’s grit and determination was rewarded with a third place in race two and second place in race three that put her into second place in the series behind team-mate and Champion-elect Alex Cudlin, who won all three weekend races.

Added Prinz: “The strain and pain from my shoulder was considerable, particularly in race two. Although some of the other contenders were unlucky, I was able to grab third and second place that has moved me into second place in the overall standings.

“Alex made it; he’s just a few points from winning the title, but my goal for the four remaining races is to defend my second place in the series.”

Race 1: 1. Alex Cudlin (AUS/ Suzuki) 26:56,399m, 2. Nasser Al Malki (Q/ BMW) + 0,562, 3. Saeed Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (Q/ Kawasaki) + 1:15,411, 4. Surya Raja (IND/ Kawasaki) + 1:28,941, 5. Ahmed Al Muyini (KSA/ Honda) + 1:39,446.

Race 2: 1. Alex Cudlin (AUS/ Suzuki) 31:08,852m, 2. Nasser Al Malki (Q/ BMW) + 3,841, 3. Nina Prinz (D/ Suzuki) + 36,133, 4. Saeed Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (Q/ Kawasaki) + 59,120, 5. Ahmed Al Muyini (KSA/ Honda) + 1:35,601.

Race 3: 1. Alex Cudlin (AUS/ Suzuki) 31:28,592m, 2. Nina Prinz (D/ Suzuki) + 6,002, 3. Saeed Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (Q/ Kawasaki) + 22,742, 4. Fahid Al Sowaidi (Q/ Honda) + 1:26,966, 5. Ahmed Al Muyini (KSA/ Honda) + 1:29,073.

Championship Standings (after 10 races): 1. Alex Cudlin (AUS/ Suzuki) 224 points, 2. Nina Prinz (D/ Suzuki) 132, 3. Saeed Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (Q/ Kawasaki) 127, 4. Mashel Al Naimi (Q/ Honda) 116, 5. Nasser Al Malki (Q/ BMW) 105.

For images of Prinz and Cudlin: CLICK HERE

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