Team Suzuki Press Office – July 3.

Reigning German IDM Superbike Champion Martin Bauer joined the HPC Power Racing Suzuki Superbike team as a guest rider at the weekend’s IDM fourth round at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

The 36 year old was tempted out of retirement as a replacement rider for injured Sascha Hommel, set eighth place in qualifying in his first-ever on the team’s GSX-R1000 Superbike; before racing to fourth in the opening race. Unfortunately his challenge for the podium dried-up in race two on the seventh lap of 18 when he was forced to pull out with a gearbox issue, and, because he was entered as a guest rider was not elegible to score points.

Said Bauer: “Many people have asked me why I took on this job in the HPC Power Suzuki Team and my answer is that it was a challenge for me. I came to the Red Bull Ring and sat on a motorbike that I wasn’t used to. Its set-up hadn’t yet been fine-tuned and it also had a brand of tyres that I wasn’t used to. I had to make a massive amount of effort, but I really enjoyed being able to further-develop the Suzuki GSX-R for Sascha. Before the second race, we made a few more adjustments: I rode very well and kept up with the leaders and held on to my reserves. I really think that a podium position would have been possible here, so was a real shame that I was forced to drop out with gearbox issues.”

HPC Power Racing Team Manager Ingo Härtel said: “Martin has proved that it’s possible to make it into the top three on a Suzuki. Drivers of his calibre and with his experience make sure that the motorbike is quickly fine-tuned for competition. Although Martin has not entered any races since the Hockenheim final last year, his performance is as formidably-strong as ever and he works in a very structured way. Without his contribution, we would never have made such rapid and substantial progress. In particular, he helped us to find the optimal overall set-up for the bike. Thanks to the clear pointers he gave, the chassis technician was able to implement his ideas very quickly. Despite this, we’re going to stick to our original team selection and we will be working with Sascha Hommel for three years.”

In IDM Supersport class, Team Suzuki Mayer riders Jesco Günther and Roman Stamm put the GSX-R600 on the podium with third place in race two from Günther as Team Suzuki Laux rider Sarah Heide - the only woman in the race - rode her GSX-R 600 into the points in the first race.

Said Günther: “At this event, we finally had great weather and we were able to improve the set-up of the Suzuki. For the first time, I felt completely at home on the bike.”

High-Resolution images from Red Bull Ring, previous German IDM events and other races: CLICK HERE

IDM Superbike results:

Race 1: 1 Michael Ranseder (A), BMW, 27:10.944 min., 2 Erwan Nigon (F), BMW, 27:12.293 min., 3 Jörg Teuchert (D), BMW, 27:14.828 min., 4 Martin Bauer (A), Suzuki, 27:19.716 min., 5 Dario Giuseppetti (D), Ducati, 27:21.661 min. 11 Roland Resch (A), Suzuki, 27:40.789 min.

Race 2: 1 Erwan Nigon (F), BMW, 27:15.830 min., 2 Michael Ranseder (A), BMW, 27:20.788 min., 3 Gareth Jones (AUS), BMW, 27:21.205 min., 4 Jörg Teuchert (D), BMW, 27:21.366 min., 5 Ghisbert van Ginhoven (NL), BMW, 27:23.324 min. 9 Roland Resch (A), Suzuki, 27:36.927 min.

Points table (after 8 of 16 races): 1. Ranseder 151, 2. Nigon 137, 3. Teuchert 127, 4. Jones 107, 5. Muggeridge 82, 11. Resch 44, 14. Hommel 23.

IDM Supersport results:

Race 1: 1 David Linortner (A), Yamaha, 26:55.111 min., 2 Tatu Lausletho (FIN), Yamaha, 26:56.065 min. 3 Daniel Sutter (CH), Kawasaki, 26:56.254 min., 4 Jan Bühn (D), Yamaha, 26:57.508 min., 5 Dominic Schmitter (CH), Yamaha, 26:57.827 min. 7 Jesco Günther (D), Suzuki, 27:03.750 min. 14 Sarah Heide (D), Suzuki, 27:30.062 min.

Race 2: 1 Tatu Lausletho (FIN), Yamaha, 26:53.120 min., 2 Stefan Kerschbaumer (A), Yamaha, 26:53.468 min.,3  Jesco Günther (D), Suzuki, 26:53.812 min., Daniel Sutter (CH), Kawasaki, 26:56.285 min., 5 Dominic Schmitter (CH), Yamaha, 26:57.587 min. 17 Sarah Heide (D), Suzuki, 27:27.623 min. 19 Thomas Walther (D), Suzuki, 27:32.666 min.

Points table (after 8 of 16 races): 1. Lausletho 133, 2. Sutter 121, 3. Günther 108, 4. Linortner 101, 5. Wahr 82, 8. Stamm 54.

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