Team SUZUKI ECSTAR enters its third season back in the highly-competitive MotoGP™ Championship series with the experienced and already race-winner Italian Andrea Iannone and the talented young Spaniard coming up from Moto2 Alex Rins in the driving seats of their new revised 2017 Suzuki GSX-RRs.

The team is managed by Davide Brivio under the Team Directorship of Satoru Terada with Ken Kawauchi as Technical Manager.

Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Structure:

Satoru Terada: Team Director (SMC)
Davide Brivio : Team Manager
Ken Kawauchi: Technical Manager (SMC)

Atsushi Kawasaki: Chassis Engineer (SMC)
Motohiko Tono: Vehicle Development (SMC)

Russell Jordan: Parts Manager
Roberto Brivio: Co-ordinator
Mitia Dotta: Co-ordinator
Alberto Gomez: Marketing and Communication Manager
Hatsumi Tsukamoto: Marketing Operations & Relations
Federico Tondelli: Press Officer and Social Media Manager
Massimo Tomasoni: Truck Driver

Andrea Iannone Crew:

Andrea Iannone: Rider
Marco Rigamonti: Crew Chief
Claudio Rainato: Data Engineer
Sadayuki Tsujimura : Engine Management Engineer (SMC)
Raymond Hughes: Mechanic
Tsutomu Matsugano: Mechanic
Jacques Roca: Mechanic
Fernando Mendez Picon: Mechanic

Alex Rins Crew:

Alex Rins: Rider
Jose Manuel Cazeaux: Crew Chief
Elvio Deganello: Data Engineer
Yuta Shimabukuro: Engine Management Engineer (SMC)
Davide Manfredi: Mechanic
Massimo Mirano: Mechanic
Marco Rosa Gastaldo: Mechanic
“Paco” Nogueira: Mechanic

Team Partners

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